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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 11/01/00

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Dear Organlearners,

"Pixie Delite" <pixie_delite@hotmail.com> writes:

>JOY: A class in systems thinking and all things good
> - Just commenting on things said by Mr. Lange.
>(Fist of Fury Part 2 will follow back I am sure
>*evil twinkle in me eyes*)

Greetings Joy,

Thank you very much for your delightful playing with thoughts. I have
quoted only the beginning, but would have loved to quote it all.

The ancient city of Corinth was famous for many things -- safety,
commerce, dying of fabrics, questioning of motives, etc. Perhaps it was
their culture of business which made them so creative and shrewed ;-)

Even the Christians of Corinth caused St Paul many tears, but he loved
them with a passion which culminated in 1 Cor 13. This chapter on love
is perhaps the most famous of all chapters in the Bible. But few study
2 Cor 10 which is a jewel in its own right. However, then you will need
to know more about the Corinthians and their culture as the context to
appreciate the sheer beauty of this chapter. In verse 10 Paul writes
(and I will not be surprised if this whole list fell apart with laughter):
. For they say "His letters are weighty and strong,
. but his personal presence is unimpressive, and
. his speach contemtible."

In our country the most northern town is called Messina. It is not famous
at all, but merely known as a border bost for travellers to Zimbabwe. I
will now try to make this town famous by giving you another bout of
laughter. Because of Messina's unique climate -- very hot and dry, except
for two months when it is also immensely humid -- there is many a wierd
plant, the reason for me going there. There is also a scorpion or two
underneath almost every rock large enough for them everwhere in the
vincinity of Messina. Should a person want to find a scorpion whenever
turing over a rock, there is no better place in the whole world to go to
than Messina. Even the number of species of scorpions occuring there is
incredible. Perhaps it is my fate to act as the place Messina for our
LO-dialogue -- to provide people on internet with the rocks and scorpions
underneath which they can search for.

The "de" in my surname "de Lange" does have a meaning. It comes from the
Dutch of several centuries ago. In English it would mean "of". The "Lange"
also has a meaning. A surname like "de Korte" would mean in English "of
short". It was given many generations earlier to someone who was obviously
a very short person. Now, and please do not smash your screen or keyboard
because of breaking out in laughter, the "de Lange" means "of length".

If your computer has not suffered, and if your stomach can still take some
more hurting, here is the last test for you. The "At" is the shortest form
for my name Adriaan. My grand son is called "Ian", another short form for
it. The "At" is pronounced like the "at" of "what". If you really want to
hear how short this "At" can be said, not even the least amount of writing
in letters can do it. You will have to listen to my dear wife when she is
mad at me, biting out that "At". Even the sound coming from a rifle shot
cannot be shorter!

>Naive stupid and lower in the intellectual chain is your
>verdict perhaps?

I try to avoid verdicts (judgements) completely. My own children, now
grown-up, especially the three woman Corine, Jeanette and Ilse-Marie,
often ask me for information. Just as often they react with the verdict
that the information is a judgement. They are showing me what the world is
doing to them as women.

With little Jessica it is different because I have become older and as
grandfather I have some wisdom which I did not had as a father. I tried
my best to teach her as early as possible that the judgements of other
people can do nothing to her when she live in love. I also tell her often
that I love her and that I never judge her, never forgetting to follow it
up with deeds. But I wait for the day when she turns this rock over to
seek a scorpion underneath it. She will do it because this is what the
world is doing to her too. This is how "entropy production" works. May
God give me the wisdom to teach correctly especially on that day.

>Joy H. vatsyayann
>Bsc Phys.(Hons), BSc Biology (Genetics Major),
>PGDip. Management Systems,
>Masters in Management Systems (current)

Joy, what does your surname mean?

With care and best wishes


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