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From: ACampnona@AOL.COM
Date: 11/06/00

Dear Learners,

Jeff Gates writes in another place, -"according to the UN, the three richest
people worldwide have assets greater than the combined GDP of the 48 least
developed countries. The 225 richest have a combined wealth equal to the
annual income of the poorest 2.5 billion people. Source: Human Development
Report 1998, UN Development Program (Oxford Univ. Press).
Be forewarned, these figures will challenge the current paradigm. Indeed,
when I hear these glowing reports about "the economy," it makes me wonder if
most of our economists and policy-makers are on another planet. Back when
economists had common sense, these sorts of findings would have spurred an
outburst, maybe even outrage. Yet I wager that practically no one on the list
has seen these trends reported or debated. Cheers., etc."

Vincent van Gogh writes in another place, " As soon as I got out (from the
asylum) into the park I got back all my lucidity for work; I have more
ideas in my head than I could ever carry out, but without it clouding my
mind." (letter 630 May 1890)

Gregory Bateson warned "there is always an optimum value beyond which
anything is toxic." That's clearly the case for today's toxically
concentrated ownership patterns -- snip -- the quite predictable product
of a radically laissez faire policy environment. An overengineered
ownership solution is a temptation I urge policymakers to resist, as I do
its opposite: no ownership engineering. The only certainty is that we live
in an era that's a stale repetition of the same rich-get-richer phenomenon
that has plagued democratic societies since their inception. I submit that
those who support today's disconnected, detached, divisive and dumbed-down
ownership patterns use this forum to state their case. Writing in
Leadership and the New Science, Margaret Wheatly notes that "Life opens to
more possibilities through new patterns of connections," confirming that
"systems can change dramatically by amplifying one element of feedback" --

And I or you pocketless of a dime may purchase the pick of the earth, --
Whitman's opening line of 'Song of Myself'

Is it make you mind up time?


yours reflectively,

Andrew Campbell



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