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From: Sajeela M ramsey (
Date: 11/12/00

Replying to LO25617 --

Andrew beloved,

Are you saying you are leaving the list serve? Because there are too few
free spirits? I only read your posts anymore, so I have no idea what goes
on there. Somehow I lost interest with all the egos going back and forth,
yatayatayata. But I know this OL Community means a lot to you, so it must
be something quite deep if I have read the situation correctly. Maybe I
have got it all wrong. In any case, it is you that I love, and not the
list serve. It is to you that I shall always remain faithful, my mystical
artistic and soulful friend.

I am in yet another seminar this week: Opression Across Disciplines: The
Hidden Agenda and its Consequences. I have just made my presentation today
as part of a panel. My presentation was about culture, post-modern
aesthetics and the feminizing of organizations. I am glad to be past that
particular task, and now its on to a next one. So much money-earning work
anymore --- it bites into my precious time and yet I am doing more and
more international stuff, so it's getting jucier, culturally speaking.
But I have writing I would rather be doing for my dissertation. Oy vey,
what's a modern unkept woman to do?

What have you been up to? Where are you with your various projects? When
are you going to admit that you are brilliant writer and philosopher and
poetic thinker and just go for it?! You're doing thinking for way too many
people on that list serve.

Love and love again,

Sajeela Moskowitz Ramsey, President - CORE Consulting
Center for Organizational Renewal and Effectiveness
2432 Villanova Drive/Vienna, VA. 22180
703 573 7050/ SajeelaCore


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