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From: DP Dash (dpdash@ximb.ac.in)
Date: 11/13/00

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On 13 Nov 00, at 19:56, buronson@hanmail.net wrote:

> I am a university student of korea. My major is MIS(Management Information
> System). In this semester, I'm learning about MIS theory. So, in MIS
> textbook, I learned about LO(Learning Organization ).I can understand
> what's the meaning of the LO just a little. but, it's not enough to me.
> so, if you don't mind,can you send the example about LO's application in
> company to me?...


Apple Computers, Xerox, and HP are some of the widely quoted examples of
the application of LO-related concepts such as learning community,
knowledge management, community of practice, etc. You may follow these

Communities of Practice: A Review of the Literature

Knowledge Management Case Studies

Knowledge Management at Hewlett-Packard, Early 1996


Dr. D. P. Dash
Xavier Institute of Management
Bhubaneswar  751013

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