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From: Richard Karash (
Date: 11/16/00

Replying to LO25632 --

Andrew wrote:

>Sit awhile with the image Rick has put up of Rebecca for a while and test
>it against the wisdom of a little boy I dialogued with through his
>mother's brave and compassionate and loving intervention some years ago,
>he was designated to have 'learning difficulties' (sic)...I showed him
>one of Len McComb's pictures, a detail of peach or apple blossoms, he
>said through his mum that he, - saw angels, and that there was nothing to
>be added to the picture nor anything to be taken away. In such learning
>difficulties I can see the future. But to get that wisdom, to get that
>light, to get that consumate compulsion of unconditional love, you first
>have to be willing to break with a convention or two;-) and trust that as
>Arendt tells it, one cannot be responsible for what you or another does
>with my compulsions;-) freely given;-).
>[Host's Note: Andrew, I don't think I have put any picture of Rebecca on
>the web for you, but I would be happy to do so. ..Rick]

Andrew has sent me a beautiful portrait of Rebecca, as mentioned in
his recent message. Here is the image, reduced to screen resolution.

Andrew added these notes to the image: Rebecca Hawkins, 137 x 100 cms 1990
Leonard McComb

   -=- Rick


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