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Date: 11/17/00

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> - Hundreds of people can talk, for one who can think. Thousands of people
> can think, for one who can see. -

How about thinking with the mind's eyes?How can the leaders share the
power of vision with others?

When H. A. Simon wrote down in his Models of My Life that he could not
understand the writings of A. Whitehead and J. Maritain, what a
perspective he referred?

Thanks Andrew's ' Matisse's snai' style of mail(LO25636). It inspired me
to deliver a speech called 'A Scenario of Childhood's End of Industral
EngineersˇG a tram or a bus or a helicopter' at Yuan Ze University on Nov.
27. I hope someones can share with me their thinking in this direction.

Hanching Chung


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