Non-western Theories of Leadership LO25660

From: Judy Tal (
Date: 11/17/00

Replying to Jan's LO25645

Oh dear, I had no intention to bring up so many different questions - but
rather ONE, connected to the topic. The density of question marks in my
post indicates my private ongoing, cyclic relationship with the
non-western world. Thanks anyhow for your detailed comments.

Maybe I should share mystory of LCL ...

LCL is an acronym - no more nor less. I took it up about four years ago to
provide containment to my new calling.

Driven by the trend, yet sceptic as I was (and still am) about the meaning
of any combination of three letters - I made my choice as follows:

At that time, I was introduced to IChing Hexagrams, thus I picked up one
to represent best (encompasses most of) the underlying idea that I wanted
to deliver:
_ _
_ _

It read TRUST - translated from hebrew, and it's form resembled among
other things also the cyclic stair-case where monks can freely walk
upwards or downwards as long as they wish.

It has only a few letters to fit in (C, L, O) and the combination:
_ _ _
_ _ _
______ ______ ______
______ ______ ______

brings harmony to my eye. This is LCL: three grey hexagrams as background,
with three blue, western letters in the front.

With time, the letters took up various meanings (metamorphosis ;-)) - C
used to stand once for 'Communities', but it changed when I first met
Senge's LO concept, the L on right stands these days for Ltd. it even
stood for 'Labyrinth' at certain times ... each time a new story ... so it

And thanks Jan, for reminding me to add my signature to the newly
installed Outlook Express - I'll do it immediately after pushing 'send'.


"We think in generalities, but we live in details" A. N. Whitehead


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