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From: Richard Charles Holloway (learnshops@thresholds.com)
Date: 11/18/00

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I've seen similar concerns in other organizations. Essentially, databases
are a means to attempt collecting knowledge. The problem is that it's
hard to "remember" or to "find" where it's located (especially when
there's a proliferation of databases, including the ad hoc ones generated
for personal or departmental use).

In some cases, the Primus solution series software has proven useful.
It's essentially a knowledge management application. However, it has the
capability of linking to files (it's user-end application is in html) or
integrating other database files. You might want to visit their website
for more info. I know of some other applications (lotus notes, for
instance) that have been used for similar ends, but this one is one of
the better ones I've seen. Most of them are relatively expensive, though.



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> My organization is reviewing whether or not our database software is
> meeting our needs and I would like to ask you two questions...


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