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Date: 11/21/00

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On 18 Nov 00, at 3:05, wrote:

> I would be very pleased and grateful to harvest this community's
> varied 'mental models' of what an 'artist' is and what he might
> become.

Thank you Andrew for giving us this opportunity to reflect on the topic of

As I write this, I am viewing art as a persuasion of contemplating on the
possible, evanescent, imminent, emergent (i.e., that which is not already
there in the sense that it can be reported, but whose future 'presence'
cannot be precluded, nor denied). It teaches one to harbour (nurture) bold
imaginations and ask, 'Why not?'

Therefore, I feel, art promotes 'conversations for possibilities'. In
this, it imagines virtually limitless 'forms of presence' and forms of
'creative action' that bring forth new realities by translating some of
the possibilities/potentialities.

An artist, therefore, is the carrier of this artistic persuasion. It can
be a creative person. It can also be a 'creative community' of persons. It
is possible that such a 'creative community' is necessary in order to
sustain a set of 'learning communities' which draw upon the former for new
possibilities, but simultaneously feed it with the news of current
limitations and constraints.



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