Blind still leading the blind LO25689

From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 11/23/00

Replying to Andrew in LO25642 --

> - Hundreds of people can talk, for one who can think. Thousands of people
>can think, for one who can see. -
>Anybody want to 'open' dialogue on the distinguishments implied therein?

Those who parrot what others have to say and who prattle on in an
empty-headed way outnumber by at least 200 to one those who question and
reflect on what is said.

Those who question and reflect on what is said are still trafficking in
words and other symbols, which are mainly abstractions, and these
outnumber by at least 2000 to one those who are aware of and sensitive to
the relationships and patterns in all that goes on around them.

Said a little differently, (1) lousy teachers outnumber good students and
(2) good poets, playwrights and scientists have more in common than they
might care to admit and all three are rare.

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