Love or joke? (Response to LO25694)

From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 11/26/00

Replying to LO25542 --

Gavin Ritz writes in response to Winfried Dressler, in the thread on S=(E-F)/T:
>> May be there are two fundamentally different ways of learning: One path
>> leading to our existence being a cosmological joke and another one leading
>> to unconditional love. Hmmm.

> Show me one person on this earth who exhibits unconditional love and I
> will be impressed, or maybe this is an ideal, something to strive for. If
> that is case what is the motivation to be the unconditional love giver?

If I may shift the ground a bit: "unconditional love" sounds so absolute
and unattainable; maybe we could get further talking about "selfless love"
for a while instead. We know many examples of peoples' self sacrifice on
behalf of others: parents for children, people defending their communities
against invasion, etc., as well as lesser acts (donating to victims of
disaster, etc.) In fact, I'd guess that most of us have felt that emotion
to some degree.

The issue, then, is how wide a group one is willing to sacrifice one's
time and oneself for. What if it's all of us, and the world whose health
we rely on? If one has the opportunity to dedicate one's life (and/or
offer one's death) to increase the chances that humanity will survive
another millenium, and grow in wisdom, is that motivation enough to take
that opportunity? Is that close enough to unconditional love?


Don Dwiggins Let us have one vision for the future - to make the next millenium the Proper Era of Homo Sapiens - those creatures who have wisdom (not technology) in common. Technology is but merely one of the fruits of wisdom. -- At de Lange, 1999

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