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Date: 11/29/00's a conference that members of this list may find of interest....

Designing the New Venture:
Enabling the Brave New World of eBusiness, Alliances,
Mergers and Organizations of the Future

March 12-14, 2001
San Antonio, Texas

Next spring, the Association for the Management of Organization Design
(AMOD), with support from Deloitte and Touche, is sponsoring an important
conference on how to design new ventures, featuring some of the most
important organization designers of our day. The conference will address
ways to consciously create and manage the structures, management
systems,organization culture, and processes that work best for new
ventures and the new organizations we see so much of today.

This unique conference addresses many of the issues that managers and
practitioners work with everyday. The main conference will feature twelve
different sessions by organization leaders and consultants who have been
working closely in and with many leading new businesses. General topics
 * Designing for G rowth and Sustainability
 * Growing the New While Maintaining the Old
 * Organizational Architecture for e-Business Environments
 * Accelerating the Alignment of Strategy, Structures and Systems

Among the speakers are:
 * Jay Galbraith, consideredone of the world’s leading experts in
organization design, whose most recentbook is Designing the Global
Corporation ;
 * Elliott J acques, author of over20 books, alongside Tom Helton of U.S.
 * Stu Winby, Director of Business Transformation Services at
 * Kathleen Gurley of American Express, who will talk about that
company’s transition from the old to thenew economy;
 * Pritam Vachani, who will address the organization challenges of
 * Les McKeown will addresshow new ventures manage explosive growth
through organization design;
 * Patti Philips of Scient Corporation will address how to achieve
competitive advantage through organization. There are many others speaking
on similarly relevant topics.

There will also betwo powerful day-long Pre-conference sessions on Sunday,
March 11:
 * Craig McGee of Solutions will present AMOD’s ownworkshop –
Designing High Performance Organizations: a 7-Step Approach
 * Jay Galbraith, Susan Mohrman and David Finegold of the Center for
Effective Organizations at USC will present their workshop on Design
Strategies for the E-Enabled Enterprise

Please visit the AMOD website for more information and to register: . You can also call Atty Van Hamel at the AMOD
office at 267-757-0466.


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