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From: Peggy Stuart (
Date: 11/30/00

Hi all:

I need some help ... can you help me visualize a LO? I understand the
creation of a LO is a journey rather than a destination. I am just trying
to realistically "see" what I am working towards.

I can see myself walking into a workplace environment divided into
activity areas, each with its own distinct character. The corner offices
are filled with couches, chairs and bookcases. Someone is in the one to my
left reading a technical journal, her feet up on the ottoman.

I hear the quiet and indecipherable drone of conversation.

On my right, I see workspaces. I see over an administrative support person
shoulder, his calendar holds a personal learning appointment with the
company leader.

A person comes in behind me, university backpack on her shoulder. It seems
she had a class first thing in the morning. She sits at her workspace and
I hear her excitedly start to tell her collegue about what she learned
today as she fires up her computer.

I pass a meeting room. People are gesticulating excitedly. I stop and look
in. It seems that that the administrative personnel are talking about
their administrative processes. There are graphs and charts on the wall. I
see financial statements on the table. I hear terms that many executives
have to think about twice before they can comfortably use.

I walk into the workplace environment a bit further. I see another
meeting. I again stop at the door and peek in. It looks like a team
meeting. I hear scenarios being discussed. I hear assumptions being

I feel respect. I sense a community. The organization seems alive ... it

What does your five senses tell you? Do you see the same? What do you feel
I missing?

What does stress look like in a LO? What are the people doing that are not
as interested in learning as others? Are they resentful? Scared? What
happens to the people who learn slower than others? Do they feel

Cheers and thanks!



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