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Date: 01/03/01

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Donnie Dixon wrote

> Learning Org.,
> Would you please define "half-life knowledge" and its true meaning in
> our Information Society. Have not been able to find a well thought out
> narrative that fully explains what it is and what this means to college
> students.
> Especially technology and communications majors.

Dear Donnie,

How about forget this term and consult W. E. Deming's books. In his first
chapter of Out of the Crisis, he quoted one sentence from Job 38:2, 'Who
is it that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?' In most cases of
the so-called Information Society contexts you mentioned, the defition you
sought might be a pseudo one and a post hoc one.

One of [the] ex-chairmen of Ford called Dr. Deming the number 1
communicator. He thinks some rudimentary knowledge about science--in
particular, something about the nature of variation and about operational
definitions, are important to everyone.


Hanching Chung


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