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Date: 01/04/01

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> I thought I'd put out a call for any advice or suggestions for making the
> game more rewarding. Has anyone found a particularly successful way to
> debrief/ wrap up? to make connections to supply chain management
> problems? Any problems you encounter with the game and ways to overcome
> them?

I was surprised that people played with this game about 50 years but
without ownership or without 'experience' ( B. Henderson) or 'a theory'
like Dr. Deming did for his Red Bead Experiments(please see his The New
Economics). Is this a fact of life for our 'lean thinking'?

How about rethinking the purpose of your meeting/facilitation, your
customers and your content of system thinking, and make them as a system.
For 'imagineering' purpose of wrap up, how about reading the concluding
sentences of Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga or Popular Political Economy by
T. Hodgskin...

Good luck and have a fun.


Hanching Chung


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