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From: Foss, Allan (afoss@ppg.com)
Date: 01/05/01

The Organization Development Institute is proud to announce the acceptance
of nominations for the 2001 Outstanding O. D. Project of the Year
Worldwide. Nominations are due to Allan Foss, Organization Development
Institute Award Committee Chair, by Monday, February 5, 2001. All
nominations can be submitted via e-mail to afoss@ppg.com.
Self-nominations are welcomed.

This award is given annually to at least one O. D. project from anywhere
in the world that demonstrates positive, intended change through effective
application of Organization Development theory and techniques. The
primary purpose of this award is to promote learning about Organization
Development through the open sharing of success stories.

The award for the Outstanding O. D. Project of the Year Worldwide will be
presented on Friday, May 25, 2001 at the Organization Development
Institute's 31st Annual Information Exchange at the Palwaukee Inn in
Wheeling, Illinois (near Chicago). Award nominees are encouraged to
attend the Exchange and are given an opportunity to present highlights of
their work.

The Grand Winner of the 2000 Outstanding O.D. Project of the Year
Worldwide was "Using Organizational Narratives to Facilitate Culture
Change and Organizational Learning at Lucent Technologies." This project
was conducted at Lucent Technologies and submitted by Diana Tyson, Claudia
Cohen, Ph.D. and Joan Slepian Ph.D.

Additionally, two projects, one in the US and one international, were
recognized in 2000 as honorable mention: Honorable Mention US was
"Transforming BITS," the work done at Sprint's Business Information and
Technology Solutions (BITS) Organization by Joel S. Finlay, Ph.D., RODC.
Honorable Mention - International was "Organization Development Initiative
for Restructured Regional Rural Bank." This work was done by Dr. B. G.
Mukhopadhyay, faculty member of the Bankers Institute of Rural
Development, Lucknow, India.

For more information about the Outstanding O.D. Project of the Year
Worldwide Award or the Organization Development Institute, please visit
their website at http://members.aol.com/odinst or contact Allan Foss at

Nominations for the Outstanding O. D. Project of the Year Worldwide are
submitted in two parts, Form I and Form II. The submission criteria for
Forms I & II are as follows:

Form I (Due by Monday, February 5, 2001)
Title of OD Project:
Sponsoring Organization:
Person(s) Making Application:
Primary Contact Address:
Primary Contact Phone: Fax: Email:
Brief Outline of Design Purpose (250 words or less)
Summary of Consequences: (250 words or less)
Major Ways in Which the Project is Responsive to the Statement of Values
as Written in the O.D. Code of Ethics: (200 words or less)

Form II (Due by Monday, April 2, 2001)
Title of OD Project:
Sponsoring Organization:
Responsible Executive Officer in Sponsoring Organization: (Preferably CEO
or highest ranking Executive Officer)
Summary of OD's Usefulness to Sponsoring Organization: (In form of memo
or letter from Responsible Executive Office)
Supporting Documentation Provided with the Nomination: (published
articles, conference papers or presentations, in-house documentation,
Other Evidence of Recognition of the OD Effort: (media reports, trade
journals, business periodicals, etc.)

Allan Foss
Manager, Leadership Development
PPG Industries, Inc.
One PPG Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15272

Please pass this information on to anyone that you believe may be
interested. Please excuse multiple postings.


"Foss, Allan" <afoss@ppg.com>

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