Management Development Forum Journal LO25861

Date: 01/11/01

Call for Papers - Deadline March 15, 2001
Management Development Forum (MDF)

MDF, a refereed journal, is seeking contributions in the areas of human
systems, managerial competencies, leadership communication, learning and
development, and the management of human capital. Sponsored by the FORUM
Management Education program at the State University of New York - Empire
State College, MDF is distributed to human resource professionals,
consultants, trainers, and developers. MDF serves as a pool for approaches
and applied knowledge that will support these professionals as they seek
to enhance management training, education, and development within their
organizations. We seek first-published articles well grounded in accepted
theory that present a balance of research and practical implications.
All articles are subject to a blind review process.

External reviewers are sought in the following areas: change and
innovation, competency-based management development, human resource
management, leadership effectiveness, organizational learning and
development, total quality management and continuous improvement,
self-management, and management education.

For more information on editorial criteria, writing style, and submission
guidelines, or on joining our external review team, please contact MDF at or call 800-847-3000, ext. 235.

Alan T. Belasen, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, MDF


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