Polanyi Condensate LO25872

From: Fred Nickols (nickols@att.net)
Date: 01/12/01

Replying to LO25868 --

At de Lange writes at length based on his initial foray through the first
two of Polanyi's books that were sent to him. (The other two, by the way,
have just been shipped, so we ought to be in for more delightful
commentary from a delighted At before too much longer.)

Toward the end, At writes, "Thank you once again Fred. What do you think
of my reading of the damn books?

I don't know, At. That's a lot to digest at one sitting. I think I'll
wait until you get hold of the Tacit Dimension and see what kind of
torrent that releases.

Have fun...

Warm personal regards,

Fred Nickols
The Distance Consulting Company
"Assistance at A Distance"
(609) 490-0095


Fred Nickols <nickols@att.net>

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