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Date: 01/14/01

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Thanks so much for your excellent information on the History of LO's and
also for your inquiries below. I am not completely certain if this book
will have exact answers for you, but I believe it points to connections
between TQM and LO's and High Performing Organizations, if not explicitly
(and it might do so, I just don't remeber coming across it), then
implicitly. It's an excellent nuts and bolts book that is well
researched. I reccomend it in any case: Designing Team-based
Organizations: New Forms of Knowledge Work by Mohrman, Cohen and Mohrman
Jr., ISBN 0 -7879 - 0080 -X, Copyright 1995, Jossey-Bass.

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Designing Team-Based Organizations : New Forms for Knowledge Work (Jossey-Bass Management Series) by Susan Albers Mohrman, Susan G. Cohen, Allan M., Jr. Mohrman


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