Limitations of Systems Thinking LO25902

From: Roy Benford (
Date: 01/16/01

Replying to LO25887 --

Malcom commented:

>In recent weeks, I have twice encountered assertions by significant
>members of our LO community that many/most of the approaches engendered by
>"The Fifth Discipline" are unlikely to produce real organizational change.

In my opinion, 'systems thinking' is a tool that helps us understand the
world around us. In someways, it is like a pair of glasses in that
enables someone with blurred vision to see the shape of the leaves on the
trees. However, 'systems thinking' is no more a tool for intervention than
glasses are a tool for re-shaping trees. But like the glasses, 'systems
thinking' has a use in monitor the intervention.

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


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