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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 01/19/01

Replying to LO25873 --

Dear Peggy,

Thank you for this.

>Chronology of Learning Organization Concepts
>1938: In his book "Experience and Education," John Dewey publicizes the
>concept of experiential learning as an ongoing cycle of activity.
>1996: "The Age of Heretics," by Art Kleiner, and Synchronicity: "The
>Inner Path of Leadership," by Joseph Jaworski, are published.
>1997: "The Living Company," by Arie de Geus, is published.
>1999: "The Dance of Change" is published.
>Alan Webber (May 1999) "Learning for a Change" Fast Company magazine.
>Issue 24, page 178 (http://www.fastcompany.com/online/24/senge.html)

If one actually follows this 'lead;-) to the online www.fastcompany ref:
where this neat and concise list you supplied us with sits;-) for which
incidentally I say again "thank you" Peggy, there is also to be found an
article headed 'At Verifone It's a Dog's Life" in which a CEO, who is
applauded by some, thinks the way ahead is to treat people like dogs...and
gives a training example in his interview. And if they don't like it then
he says they can effectively leave the 'kennel', so to say;-(...profits
are up but Mmmmm... time will tell.)

To offer a flavour I quote..."To me, that is the essence of leadership, "
Tyabji declares. "Human beings are worse that the Irish Setter..." I
invite others to read...

Best wishes,




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