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Date: 01/20/01

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> I will probably be scorned by fellow listserv members for this, but I find
> Alice in Wonderland to be quite instructive in terms of systems thinking
> -- but then I find Alice in Wonderland applicable to almost everything.

I think we are all in some worlds of wonderland. So the Bible, Homer's
epics and many other great books are 'our' systems story treasures.Our
ordinary life with family and friends or co-workers are with many systems
stories. We need to have 'courage' and wisdom to look at them honestly.

I can share some of mine. I learned to do Chinese typing several months
ago and updating my homepage daily. Then, a new world of interactions was
open to me. I also had one episode with LOers.

The story is like this, I planned to deliver a speech to some senior
engineering students about the future of their profession. I decided to
use metaphors for three senarioes: tram, bus and helicopter. (I was
inspired by one contributor of this LO list, Andrew, he mentioned some
other part of Angels Fear by G. Bateson and Mary C. Bateson.) Before the
speech, Andrew sent me a 'fat helicopter'. It is a Japanese painting of
three doves ( I am not very sure the exact number?) with a profound poem
about the futile 'learning' by 'eating beans every day' .( sorry, Andrew ,
for my bad restatement. It sounds like from a Pythagoras school which I
think was one of every early LOs.) This humorous zen painting enabled me
to go beyond senario planning. I told the students this wonderful story of
'community learning' in cyberspace.

I like to give my homage to Andrew and his virtual doves here.

Hanching Chung


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