Tri-Umph LO25956

Date: 01/21/01

Replying to LO25955 --

Dear Learners and D Pr.

I finished my last posting "Dia-logos a creational song", with these words
about fitting...

>Now At, is this starting to fit in a beautiful way out of our localised
>turbulences or what? And now what have I to do? I have to close my eyes
>and listen to the impossible. The people of the Russian wilderness on
>'sound files' who can iterate the most amazingly low gravel like ;-)
>sonorities while through the same voice system call out like singing
>birds on the storm of a winged wind or bright streams deep set in the
>rocky valleys of sublime tranquility, chuckle, chuckle.
>If anyone want to listen with me, write me and I'll send a sound file
>(less than a minute download)

"A faster finer form of attention..." David Bohm SNIP >

And of course, this two voices thrown by one person simultaneously is the
answer to a third and I thought unrelated question I sent during the same
week, so At and all those who wrote me to help in this tri-umph;-)
cup runneth over.




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