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Date: 01/22/01

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Dear Organlearners,

David Gleiser <> writes:

>How to predict the weather
>The Indians asked their Chief in autumn,
>if the winter was going to be cold or not.

Greetings David,

Thank you for this beautiful story on hidden feed back loops. I intend not
to forget it soon.

Here is another story:

How to stop acting smart

Baboon sits in a tree.

Giraffe comes by, greets him and asks what he is doing. Baboon says with
typical mischief: "I check out that she-giraffe with the long legs."

Later hippopotamus does the same. Baboon says: "I check out that she-hippo
with the thick legs."

Then comes crocodile and again Babon tries to get even him mad with
saying: "I check out that she-croc with the squat legs."

Finally lion comes along. But baboon knows to call it a day when the king
asks him what he is doing. Baboon says meekly: "Oh, sir, eh, I am just
having a chat with the boys."

With care and best wishes


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