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Date: 01/23/01

Replying to LO25968 --

At quotes Polyani as saying:

>The Free Society has to protect this "it is only by faith and
>trust in the all-encompassing grace of God that we can project ourselves
>in that supreme work of imagination -- the Kindom of God ....". Thus "We
>must somehow learn to understand and so tolerate - not destroy - the free
>society" in which we can pursue "all those things that bear upon
>eternity." This is how this extraordinary book ends!

In view of At's earlier post on spelling I was amused/amazed/moved to see
the word "Kindom" in the above. Is this Polyani's word? Is it At's?

Whichever, it seems very beautiful and meaningful there. God's kingdom is
indeed a kindom - a domain of brotherhood and sisterhood. The deep sense
of community which underlies the teaching of Jesus (but is too often
hidden by parts of the church) is beautifully expressed here.

Some psychotherapists maintain that there are no accidents; perhaps there
are also no spelling mistakes...

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