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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 01/29/01

Replying to LO25991 --

Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < ACampnona@aol.com > writes:

>It is very un-oft' remarked that Jesus as a 'way' never
>took recourse to writing except once, in the sand.
>It is even more unoft' written or spoken that he did so
>while all around him uttered fine sounding words, mainly
>of a judgemental kind, then when they had all finished he
>told them to shut up. Question. What if Jesus was not
>writing in the way we might have thought but was in fact
>drawing pictures? And what if those pictures were doodles,
>sketches for a thoughted thought? Just a thought.

Greetings Dear Andrew,

The Greek word which the apostel John uses in Joh 8:6 and 8:8 is "grapho".
This word means to write text. Should Jesus have drawn diagrams, perhaps
the Greek word "ennuo" could have been used, but definitely not "grapho".

I find it telling that Jesus said to the accusers of the woman that the
one among them without sins must cast the first stone. The ultimate
knowing is in the doing and not the saying. That is why they shut up and
went away -- they could not do what they did not knew.

Thinking of our LO-dialogue on Polanyi and the Tacit Dimension, it seems
to be very likely that Jesus addressed the Tacit Dimension of the
accusers' knowledge. Furthermore, his writing on the ground which requires
the formal (explicit) level of knowledge seems to contrast and thus
strengthens this addressing of the Tacit Dimension. That day foolish
articulations endangered a person's life whereas "tacit knowing" saved it.

>Between "from" and "to" there is a "fold".
>My deepest presupposition is that Jesus' Father
>taught him the power of these "folds" in our lived life
>and that as he bent down he was "folding grains of
>sand" with a stick. It is a 'stepping' back and forth.

Andrew, whenever you become aware of an "enfolding" in the dynamics of the
"from-to" structure, ask yourself whether this is not the
"one-to-many-mapping" we have discussed so much in the past. Another
possible way to think of this "one-to-many-mapping" is the

With care and best wishes


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