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Date: 02/07/01

Dear Learners,

In the period in which Confucius offered this wisdom 'public service' was
the only aim of learning

LY 4.17. Confucius: The Master said, When he sees a worthy man, let him
think how he might come up to him; when he sees an unworthy man, let him
examine within himself.

Warren Buffet (male;-billionaire) : Here is something I have been doing
for a long time. Look at the leaders you admire. Then look at your habits
that you dislike. Turn off the habits you dislike in yourself and turn on
the habits you like in others.

Yogi Berra (that is not a typo') : You can observe a lot by watching.

Bill Gates (male ;- billionaire): We observe a lot, just by watching.


"We think in generalities and live in its details."

A.N. Whitehead




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