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Date: 02/07/01

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I would define a learning organization as one specifically designed to
learn. When an individual or organization thinks it has "the answer,"
"the truth" about something, they are not asking questions. As a result,
they are not open to or even able to learn something new. They already
know the truth about the way it is.

Only when someone operates out of not knowing can they ask questions, and

Thus, a learning organization is one that recognizes that there is no "the
truth" about anything in business (or anyplace else for that matter).
There is what works best today, but as circumstances change --
competition, customer needs and desires, employee attitudes, technology,
etc. -- something different will be required tomorrow.

A learning organization is one in which everyone operates out of questions
(what's appropriate for today?), not out of answers (this is the "right"
way to do anything).

When I work with organizations, this is my assignment: to help all
employees to question everything they think is the truth about their
business, and operate out of questions on a daily basis.

Regards, Morty

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