Classical Management and LOs LO26088

From: Roy Greenhalgh (
Date: 02/09/01

Replying to LO26076 --

Matt & Steph

LO is a term used in a wider range of companies, non profits and
government depts than ecommerce.

I was with a government agency .. a spin off part of central government,
but non-profit, and with strong political direction yesterday. At the
centre of the day's conference was "how do we learn from ourselves as well
as outside".

-- Roy Greenhalgh

> I think from how I understand your message...LO are more commonly used in
> modern companies like e-commerce. The classical learning is more used in
> larger, "Built to Last" companies.
> If this is the case, do you think that changing to a LO might have saved
> some of the recent Built to Last companies from merging or going bankrupt?


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