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From: Gavin Ritz (garritz@xtra.co.nz)
Date: 02/10/01

Replying to LO26077 --

Hi Leo

I will like to share with you that the time you mention is the extensive
quality. What about time as the intensive quality?

At and I had many a discussion over this issue of time. Time is the only
variable that has both qualities called (by the Greeks) kairos (intensive-
motivational (mental) or psychological time) and chronos (extensive, clock
time, measured time).

Peter Senge actually mentioned this very briefly in his speech at the
conference the first time I have ever heard him mention it. (and used the
actual words chronos and kairos)

Kairos time is related to the the Greek group of words that are associated
with motivation and movement. The intensive quality of time, is the time
that resides in the minds of all people. It is also related to the concept
of "time binding". Which connects all humans in time in the mental realm.
e.g. our society and technology is the dreams of the Greeks and Romans.
i.e. we are effected by peoples long dead. Or as in psychology called the
"psychological conduit".


Leo Minnigh wrote:

> In this contribution I will retake the thread of At's heavy meal - LO26026
> He asked us to try to go back into the past as far as possible. And as At
> had written so clearly, that past could be for all of us different in
> length or depth.
> The present is the key to the past. A key to understand the past. But
> opens this key the past to infinity?


Gavin Ritz <garritz@xtra.co.nz>

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