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Date: 02/13/01

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Dear Zahar,

'Cuture' is a big word.

Someday I like you to share us with the comparisons between your country
and Holland.

They are the best frames of reference for your understanding the unique
and universal aspects of learning and living.

For this moment, I just read some friends are talking about 'time'
(Greek). Since this is a key word in management and life, how about using
it as a starting point for discussions.

I recommand you to refer to some books on 'time', for example, Cultures
and Time listed below. This week I came across some books and listed for
your reference. I intended to skip many time-based management thinking.

The Story of Time edited by K. Lippincott Merrell Holberton, 1999 Stephen
Jay Gould Time's Arrow Times Cycle¡GMyth and Metaphor in the Discovery of
Geological Time Harvard University Press, 1987. L. Gardet and others,
Cultures and Time, The UNESCO Press, 1976

Hanching Chung


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