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From: Jack Zigon (
Date: 02/13/01

I'd like to extend an invitation to join a new discussion group list:
The ZPG Performance Measurement List.

Robert Bacal already hosts a fine performance appraisal (PA) and
performance management (PM) discussion group. You may already be a member
of that list. If not, I suggest you check it out at

While Robert's list focuses on PA and PM in general, I'd like to focus on
one of the keys to making a results-based PA or PM really work:
performance measurement. I don't want to duplicate Robert's list but
extend it in a direction which matches both my expertise and interest.

Here's what I hope to accomplish...


The ZPG Perf Meas discussion list will be about creating useful, practical
performance measures, goals and feedback systems for any kind of work. I
would hope that we could tackle common measurement problems as a group,
and share the results with users all over the world.

I've spent over 20 years creating performance measures for all kinds of
work, but I know that I have only scratched the surface. This group would
be a means toward creating an ever-larger database of measurement ideas.
to make all of our work easier.


Results-based Performance Measurement for all kinds of work (individual
employees, teams, departments, corporations, work processes


* Performance measurement
* Defining results
* Feedback systems
* Pay for performance
* Team performance measurement
* Results-based performance management
* Results-based performance appraisal


I have a monthly newsletter mailing list with over 18,500 names that I'll
use as a starting point. That's how you received this email. Since the
vast majority of these subscribers have already expressed an interest in
performance measurement, I think many of you will choose to join. A large
group will give us a large base for daily discussions. For those of you
who don't want many daily emails, a digest-version is available.

While the newsletter is a one-way forum where I let you know about new
articles on performance measurement I've found, this discussion list will
be a full-fledged discussion among all the members.

This list would be appropriate for Human Resources professionals,
compensation managers, HR directors, line managers, team leaders and team
members, anyone interested in results-based PA, PM or pay-for-performance.


* Share measurement ideas with professionals all over the world
* Create measures for especially hard-to-measure work
* Improve the objectivity of PA and PM systems
* Improve the data used in pay-for-performance systems
* Find professionals world-wide who are wrestling with the same measurement
issues as you


* Unmoderated
* Searchable archives
* Instant subscribe/unsubscribe
* No charge to join

If you're interested in joining send an email to

See you online as we work together to solve the world's performance
measurement problems.

-- Jack

  Jack Zigon
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