e-learning Conference LO26130 -Call for papers

From: Howard J Mlakar (genesis@pc.jaring.my)
Date: 02/15/01

Call for papers

Education for the 21st Century:
New Trends and Perspectives for Learning in the

Presented by
Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance
LEO Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd

The conference on 'Education for the 21st Century: New Trends and
Perspectives for Learning in the Future' provides an international and
Asia-Pacific forum for presentation and discussion of research and best
practices on technology advancements, new learning paradigms, and the ever
changing education communities for colleges and universities.

The purpose of the conference is:
-- to identify challenging problems as well as recent successes facing
the development of learning strategies for a technology driven world,
-- how to integrate knowledge and information systems between learning
and business communities,
-- how to shape future directions of research by soliciting and
reviewing high quality, applied and theoretical research findings.

Contributions sought

We seek original contributions (paper and presentation) that describe
approaches and experiences to education, training, & HRD for the 21st
century. The approach or experiences may be of a technological nature, or
of a management/ organizational/ or academic nature, or any combination.

Presentations and papers must clearly describe the (real-world) problem
or experience being tackled and point out the added value of solving
that problem, lesson learned or the experience.

Possible workshop topics are the main topics listed below; papers may
address one or more of subtopic areas, or may address other topics as
well as long as they fit into the overall conference theme:

Major Topic Areas
-- Technology Focus
-- Academia Focus
-- Business Focus
-- Knowledge Management Focus

Important dates: Submission of full papers or short papers by April 1,
2001. Acceptance notices mailed by May 5, 2001. Conference dates: 25,
26, & 27 June 2001.

Full papers may be up to 12 pages; abstracts, up to 5 pages; both in an
12pt font and double-spaced. We accept either electronic submission in
Postscript, pdf, or Word format or non-returnable hard copies.

For additional information on the conference (speakers, sponsorship,
delegate registration), please contact me direct.

Thank you,

Mr Howard J Mlakar, Assistant Program Director
The Learning Exchange Organisation
LEO Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd
8-7-4 Menara Mutiara Bangsar
Jalan Liku, 59100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

tel: (603) 2284.6300, fax: (603) 2284 7116;


email: howardm@hkleo.com


Howard J Mlakar <genesis@pc.jaring.my>

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