Learning & Teaching Styles LO26139

From: Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR (SwanSR@ftknox5-emh3.army.mil)
Date: 02/16/01

Replying to LO26119 --

I am interested in finding original research on the following problem:

How does an institution deal with the complexity of learning and teaching
style mis-matching.? Learning and teaching style might be related to
personality temperament. In other words, how can the learner (student)
and facilitator (teacher) be prepared to change or adapt their style to
meet that of the other?

Has there been research in the use of specific temperament measures or
learning style measured as preparatory interventions?

Stephen R. Swan
Directorate of Training &
   Doctrine Development
IITRI/AB Tech Group


"Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR" <SwanSR@ftknox5-emh3.army.mil>

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