Corporate memory, the hard way LO26193

From: Frank Smits (
Date: 02/22/01

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How very true! This is the whole crux from context. I worked for many a
company with massive 'knowledge bases', sometimes closely guarded as a
corporate secret.

Not surprisingly, massive amounts of time was spend in 'contextualising'
this information (to create 'knowledge'). Time much more effectively spend
connecting to other to learn the context. How can you 'manage knowledge'
whilst knowledge is the ultimate emergent property from human interaction?
Like it or not, creativity is unbound. Any 'management' will stiffle its


> The dream:
> One of the central themes of KM is the design, building and maintenance of
> an effective 'corporate memory', a repository, a dare I say it,
> knowledge-base. Here the intellectual jewels of the organization will
> reside, easily accessible, expertly indexed, intuitively browseable. Here
> experts and novices will come for self- help knowledge, they will find the
> correct solution quickly, be able to apply the solutions with confidence,
> and learn from the 'collective experience of the organization'.


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