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Date: 02/27/01

Replying to LO26206 --

Replying to LO26206 --

Don Dwiggins wrote many important issues of learning and teaching 'stylesĄG

> What is a learning style (or teaching style, or knowing style)? Is it a
> once-for-all, genetically determined characteristic like one's hair color?
> Is it something that evolves through the learner's experience? Is it
> possible to have multiple learning styles, depending on mood and the
> nature of the particular learning to be done? Can I learn to change,
> adapt, or enrich my style(s)? Should I? Given that I've found through
> some evaluation instrument that my learning style is X, what should I do
> with the information (notice that I didn't say "knowledge" 8^)? Given
> that you as my teacher have found through some evaluation instrument that
> my learning style is Y, how should you use the information?

Last weekend I read The Economist 'Obituary' on Herbert Simon 1916-2001.
(please help us to locate my information if possible)

[Host's Note: That URL works for me. ..Rick]

I started to write my own series of appreciation for this great learner,
scientist and educator. One theme we discussed several years ago is about
this subject. If you like to read his Models of My Life (MoML)and Sciences
of the Artificial(SoA), there are plenty insights on this important

For example, I quoted his "In the Afterword I reflect on the methods I
have used in my research...if permitted, I will stay at this pleasurable,
exciting work a while longer."( MoML, please also see his learning and
teaching journey.)

He defines the 'style' in SoA, together with Marshall's Economics textbook
and so on. It is difficult to tell the nuance of this subject but you
might like to read his quote of Paul Valery's Instants( ...As one speaks
to the closest one.) in MoML.

I didn't meet Herb but we knew our own learning styles through emails
partially at least. Herb knows Chinese and we know the meaning of
'history' , Words, Deeds, and Worth of an evergreen life and his theories
in sciences.

Hanching Chung


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