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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 02/27/01

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You wrote this about collaboration:

> I would then assume that
> collaborators should be involved in the entire planning process: analysis,
> planning, and implementation of the plan and evaluation of the process.
> Thoughts?

My observation is that in the business environment, collaboration occurs
all along the organizational route taken by an opportunity or problem.
Complexity in the marketplace often mitigates against having the same
collaborators involved from the beginning to the end of an opportunity or
problem cycle. So, perhaps an organization with an open communication
culture, reduced incidence of personal agendas, and highly developed
strategic thinking cascaded down to all levels would be a place where
collaboration "along the way" might be easier.

It's as though a small team of individuals walk along different corridors
and collect a tithe of useful knowledge, activity and wisdom at each

Many organizations are not like that. Stratification, organizational
silos, ineffectual team deployment, and lack of rational tools stymie

It's helpful to have a team charter in explicit collaboration around
opportunities and problem solving. It's useful to have an explicit set of
behavioral standards which support the use of creative tools of all kinds.

My thoughts.

Best regards,

Barry Mallis

The Organizational Trainer
Keene, NH

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