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From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 02/28/01

Replying to LO26250 --

Bill --

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I wish there were a better word.

I am very conscious that my definition is contrary to the primary
dictionary definitions and general use.The dictionary and the general
usage are basically that one person empowers another. I just don't think
the definition in general use makes any sense. We spend a lot of time
talking about "How to empower.." when that's, in my view, not possible.

In Senge's writing, drawing from Robert Fritz, the important distinction
is the reactive vs. the creative orientation.

  - Handling what comes at us.
  - Primarily responding

  - Doing what we know our work to be.
  - Creating the results we really care about.

I believe the "Creative" orientation of Senge and Fritz is closely aligned
with the psychological idea of being in "Flow." I believe anyone in the
"Flow" state is clearly "empowered."

The psychological notion of being "OK" would be a minimal requirement for
the creative orientation.

As far as what one person does to another, I think that one can
dis-empower another. What we can learn to do is to remove obstacles we are
placing that tend to make it harder for people to be "OK", in "Flow", or
in the "Creative orientation." This can make a big difference. This can

But, I think the essential, critical element must come from within.

   -=- Rick

>Peggy, I told you we'd come back to the definition! :-)
>After I wrote that, I looked up "empower" in my American Heritage
>dictionary (those with bigger dictionaries, especially the OED, are
>welcome to add to this). It says the word means "1. To invest with
>legal power; authorize. 2. To enable or permit."


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