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From: Tony Barrett (
Date: 02/28/01

Replying to LO26210 --

Hi Peggy, et al,

Here is helpful tool for searching the web. The basic down load is free. So
don't feel you need to fork out any money. I believe it is called a
meta-search engine. searches 15 search engines in
one query and it saves the results. It is really quite impressive.



Tony Barrett
University of Idaho

[Host's Note: Thanks, Tony, for this reference. Copernic appears to search
multiple search sites and summarize the results; it's for Windows/Intel
machines. On Apple, Sherlock does this for us and it's included in the OS.
The usual problem is restricting your search to the LO site... If you
search on "empowerment" without this restriction, you'll find a LOT of
pages. Hence my recommendation to use and add to
your search terms the phrase ..Rick]


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