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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 03/01/01

Each New Glimpse In Your Rose Coloured Spectacles.

Dear Learner,

> I am losing faith in our effort not because it is not working but
>because it has become to costly to my soul to continue. I am struggling
>with the spiritual question about the balance between grace and
>accountability. Our network believes much more in accountability than
>grace. I however am a believer in grace. Now I have a personal ethical
>decision to make. Do I compromise my own values in order to honor and
>live by the group's values. I think this might be the question at the
>core of every collaborative effort and maybe every learning organization.

>Jack, I am printing out your message where you listed five questions.These
>questions are a gift to me as I try to sort out the mess I am in the
>midst of. Thanks.

You may have to excuse the "mess" aka 'the world as it finds itself every
morning" if it does not wake up in your 'midst'. I dont know;-) Maybe Jack
is looking for new work too?

I have an image someone gracefully;-) kindly and attentively sent me the
other day, from a mission in an Asian country, full of rank poverty and
with the image came the words -'I believe that those who have earnestly
and openly sought truth, which will always involve looking beyond what we
would narrowly call their religion, when it comes to the crunch, will look
upon Christ and will recognise him, as he will them. Again, it's a
recognition thing.' and those word illicited these, "We could feel the
force around us; - we could concretely feel the impending collapse of that
hated world. - We said goodbye, not many words. He had found a sturdy pair
of leather shoes in a reasonable condition: he was one of those fellows
who immediately find everything they need."

If This is a Man by Primo Levi

Now David Bohm wrote of mess and its confusion, "For me, giving simple
attention, a finer faster form of process than confusion - is itself the
primary creative act."

As Eliot said it, Stand still, let the wind speak, that is Paradise.
That would be a good way to earn your new 'graceful' living, taking people
to paradise?



PS If you want to see for yourself the five questions in six eyes with your
own two just say and I will send.



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