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From: Sajeela M ramsey (sajeelacore@juno.com)
Date: 03/02/01

Replying to LO26251 --

Beloved Rick, Peggy and Co-learners,

Rick, your post really does excite me! I have some thoughts in context to
yours, which I share below after your (hope you forgive the snips) edited

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 11:29:17 -0500 Richard Karash <Richard@karash.com>
> Replying to LO26250 --
> I believe the "Creative" orientation of Senge and Fritz is closely
> aligned with the psychological idea of being in "Flow." I believe
> anyone in
> the "Flow" state is clearly "empowered." (Snip). What we can learn to
> do is to remove obstacles we are placing that tend to make it harder
> for people to be "OK", in "Flow", or in the "Creative orientation." This
> can make a big difference. This can help. But, I think the essential,
> critical element must come from within.

I very much concur with what you are saying Rick. From an article I wrote
several years back, and the partial basis for a graduate course I teach
called "Managing Change: New Frontiers of Learning" ----

"Learning as Being (1999)
by Sajeela Ramsey

The Flow of Awareness

We've all experienced 'being in the flow' at one time or another and
enjoyed the benefits of heightened performance in whatever task we were
engaged in at the time. Where there is flow, there is more energy
available. Ramsey (1996) coined the term "Aesthetic Performance", which
refers to the use of of certain intuitive technologies which generate a
flow state and involve a change in normal awareness.

Ramsey (1998), in considering the idea of learning tacitly (Nonaka &
Tokenchi, 1996) takes double loop learning (Argyris, 1994) a step further.
She refers to "Tertiary Wisdom", a third, deeper loop of learning.
Tertiary Wisdom is intrinsically connected to the flow state and plays
into successful problem solving of all kinds. Tertiary Wisdom occurs long
before the moment one is recognizing and absorbing meaning; is intuited
--- rapidly changes thinking patterns or governing beliefs that dictate
behavior. Tertiary Wisdom occurs at a higher cognitive frequency; is
liminal (below the threshold of consciousness); apriori or before the fact
of recognition. Learning in this way may allow for dramatic changes in
awareness beyond that of double loop or second order knowledge."


Anyway Rick, hope you find these interesting in reference to what you were

Flowing morning wisps of clouds in a crisp blue sky,


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