SoL Sustainability Core Course LO26272

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 03/04/01

Dear Friends --

SoL (the Society for Organizational Learning) is pleased to announce
this new offering presented in partnership with member company
Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee April 11-12.

We believe that one foundation of the learning organization is
increasing our capability to understand our world. Environmental
sustainability has long been an interest of SoL and it's members.

This two day course is designed as a core program that outlines
principles for developing a sustainable business coupled with
principles of the learning organization.

The program is open to the public and should be of special interest to
anyone interested in becoming involved in SoL's Sustainability work or
seeking an introduction to organizational learning principles in the
sustainability context. The faculty for this course are Joe Laur, Sara
Schley, and Peter Senge. The deadline for registration is March 30. Space
is limited.

For further information:
  - -- and/or --
  - contact Angela Lipinski

I'm sure this will be a very stimulating program!

   -=- Richard Karash

Disclosure: I am a trustee of SoL.


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