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From: Stephen Hobbs (
Date: 03/05/01

Replying to LO26253 --

Hi Peggy and others understanding creative and reactive approaches
to learning for knowing ... it depends on how you "C" it (see it) ... with
reactive approach you "C" it while among it -- how else to deal with it
than to react, where past is prologue. However, if you use the creative
approach you "C" it beforehand and add, delete and/or alter while entering
... where you manage from the vision.

For me to "C" it, I take the "C" from reactive and move it to the front of
the reactive and you get creative.

The information of "C" is also found in the the data to knowledge S-curve
(Sigmoid curve) interpretation where information is between data and
knowledge. For me, again it depends on how you see information ... that
is, informaCtion -- yes, in form action ... to act on information creation
is knowledge generation.

Another ... while many are "just stressed" ... turn it around and you will
see that you need some "just desserts" -- that is some fair desserts.


Stephen Hobbs, EdD
WELLTH Learning Network Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

[Host's Note: Nice! I always enjoy these word games. ..Rick]


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