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From: KIDD, Bryan (bkidd@westpac.com.au)
Date: 03/07/01

Replying to LO26297 --

Hi All

In response to:
>Arthur Koestler has a special place for me. His research into creativity
>was not playing another academical ball, but to understand as much as
>possible human creativity. Thus he left no stone untouched in his quest.
>Eventually he discovered what is essential to all creative acts and what
>he called "bijection" -- to make the effective connection between things
>so as to create something new from them

I was once told (I've forgotten by whom) that creation occurs
'in-between', or in the relationship between things. Ideas collaborate to
create new ideas, people collaborate to create new outcomes, blades of
grass collaborate to create a lawn, bricks collaborate to create a
building (this may be stretching the meaning of collaboration for poetic
effect, butit helps communicate the concept)



"KIDD, Bryan" <bkidd@westpac.com.au>

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