'Social Innovation Capital' Paper LO26303

From: Mark McElroy (mmcelroy@vermontel.net)
Date: 03/07/01


I thought those of you interested in the fusion of knowledge management,
organizational learning, and intellectual capital might appreciate knowing
about discussions on other fronts around the notion of 'social innovation
capital' (SIC). The idea grew out of observations that the prevailing
treatment of intellectual capital has thus far tended to exclude
consideration of social capital, and that even the social capital
literature, itself, excludes treatment of "innovation patterns of
behavior" in human social systems. The following paper reveals these
ommisions, identifies the specific patterns of interest, and proposes a
solution that may have important management implications:


By learning to "see" the social patterns associated with healthy learning
and innovation in organizations, we can start to envision management
interventions aimed at supporting, strengthening, and even reinforcing
them as a basis for improving organizational performance. This is an
outgrowth of what I, and others, have previously referred to as
'second-generation knowledge management.'

I welcome your comments on this.


Mark W. McElroy


Mark McElroy <mmcelroy@vermontel.net>

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