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From: BobDunham@aol.com
Date: 03/10/01

AIM Higher!

Using proven learning techniques, the Action In Management (AIM) program
has produced impressive results in leveraging the performance of
executives and managers nationwide. Offered by Enterprise Design, the
program uses a leadership foundation of communication, coordination,
embodiment of skills, and design of effective practices. The program has
resulted in graduates reporting an average 60% increase in income over the
two year period of the program. The average number of people managed
tripled in the same period, and those with revenue responsibility reported
an increase of 240% in revenue responsibility. These results compare
favorably with income increases of graduates of the thirty top business
schools in the US, according to the bi-annual survey of B-schools by
BusinessWeek (Oct. 2, 2000). AIM participants continue to work full time
in their jobs and have the advantage of learning through action on the

AIM is a design of learning by Robert Dunham, an experienced executive and
consultant, who draws on over twenty years of developing work in the
fields of: language/action, a pragmatic framework for developing
leadership and teamwork; embodied learning, an approach focused on
shifting our habits and performance boundaries through physical practice;
and the design of commitment based practices that have been developed over
the last twenty years in management and organizational application.

For those who are interested in developing leadership, management, life
design, or community building skills, or exploring a learning framework
that impacts organizational performance through leadership learning, see
more at www.enterprise-design.com. The next leadership learning groups
kick off in April (West Coast), and May (East Coast).

[Host's Note: Based on my own experience and reports from satisfied
colleagues, I'm sure you'll find Bob's programs to be very high
quality. ...Rick]


BobDunham@aol.com (by way of Richard Karash)

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