Team Incentives vs Individual Incentives LO26337

Date: 03/12/01

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   Consider team bonus incentives, generally. Then, consider taking 25%
(or so) of the bonus for an individual member the team who contributed
most to fostering the dynamics of the team, to be decided, by various
measurement methods, by the team itself, not the individual who "did more"
or "produced" more, but the one for this period of time who fostered the
team dynamic more. But let the team decide which team member fostered team
synergies for that period of time, not some management "outsider."
Timing-wise, allow this "individualistic" bonus to correspond to the team
bonus, where more frequent is better than less frequent. Encourage the
group, but recognize the catalysts in the group and those striving to be
Warm regards, David

David L. Hanson, Ph.D.
Consulting Psychologist
Synergistic Psychology Associates, P.A.
Charlotte, NC

In a message dated 3/11/01 10:12:07 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> I always recommend sharing the spoils of victory but not team or
> department or individual incentives. They are manipulative and tend to
> back fire in ways the management dose not often see.


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