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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 03/13/01

Replying to LO26336 --

Hi John and Winfried

"Dressler, Winfried" wrote:

> Thank you John for showing an example of a very John Zavacki like and very
> Winfried Dressler unlike reply. I think I can learn from it.
> Winfried
> > sorry, Gavin, but if "reaching the limits of organizational theories"
> >ain't implied wisdom, then I'm a silly goat.

I must say my comment has truly been taken out of context. I have answered
Winfried on the same thread. About this comment of mine.

> The interpretation of
> >models and theories is what I do for a living is where I was initially
> >educated and where I did my research.

It seems we both do the same thing.

> Organizational theories have no limits from where I stand,

That is absolutely true. But the proliferation of junk is what concerns

> >since they deal with cognitive, behavioural,
> >abnormal, and organizational psychology; the deepest theories of
> >spirituality, mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, and all kinds
> >of other heavy duty intellectually tasking Stuffs.

This is also true to some degree. A pity business does not include most of
them. Psychology is my most favorite subject. I was not really referring
to the other disciplines. But your point is valid. I was talking about the
discipline of management and business models.

> We are tasked with
> >Ortega y Gasset's model of philosoph: we are tased with describing the
> >universe. It's only just begun.

It would be a rather interesting day when philosophy came into business
the exact opposite of systems thinking. Philosophy is a structural
discipline whilst systems thinking is a processing concept. On their own
they are both helpless like a youny child taking its first steps.

I can't wait to see the outcome, watching and waiting with anticipation.
This might even save Systems thinking , who knows, from the junk heap of
business models. If not they both will be destined to the junk heap of
business models.



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