Empowerment LO26353

From: Sandy Wells (sjwells@earthlink.net)
Date: 03/13/01

Replying to LO26308 --


I have just been having some discussions with internal consultants in a
major organization where the OD consultants are in a quandry with a change
in role, their perceptions of what they "can" say and what they "can't"
say as being dictated from above -- y'know the usual thing in
organizational life!

I am forwarding your statement about "Be the change that you want to see
in the world" to them because I think that you have captured the essence
of what many of us are faced with in our work. . . It's akin to "Self as
an Instrument of Change" but said with more heart, carino!



>Then, this connects me to another enduring thought... "Be the change that
>you want to see in the world."


"Sandy Wells" <sjwells@earthlink.net>

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