Subject: Intro -- Alfred Rheeder LO26386

Date: 03/19/01

Replying to LO26359 --

Dear Alfred,

Your self portrait entered my mind and caused me to trip upon this (below)
in the ratio of one to one one million (i.e. at random) offer (in my
eye) an autobiographical journey to freedom ...
 - (Husserl) sought to re-establish the ancient relation between Being and
Thought which had guaranteed man a home in the world - by means of a
detour through the intentional structure of consciousness - for whom (in
which) a reconstruction of the world from consciousness would equal a
second creation
 - (for in observing the contents of thought as the contents of reality,
the world was no longer a given, but rather created by man.) For Arendt as
for me temporarily;-) - ontology cannot be re-established at all in a
modern world. 'The void opens up beneath Heidegger's 'Existenze' so that
- the meaning of being is Nothingness.'

As for this person, I have transcribed Voids and Nothingness into words
like, 'Pristine' and 'Creativity' and there I found a 'glimmer' in my
personal desert solitude in/\working\/out my <desert/\visions> with
freeenergy (one word, two things, three 'e's;-).



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